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Long-term accommodation guide
Yeoksamarino Protectel is a resident hotel optimized for long-stay accommodation, providing long-term guests with the following services.

*Basic facility

· High-end kitchenware (electric cooktop, microwave, etc.) and kitchenware assembly
· Drum washing machine (dry function): Free bridge, bridge deck, and drying stand
· Complete individual heating and cooling facilities
· Free high-speed Internet
· sk.broadband iptv setting
· Cleaning Service 3 times a week (month, Wednesday, Friday)
· 24-hour security service
· Passenger's parking fee (1 vehicle per room): Visitors can park for 2 hours
· Bookcase installation by floor (library rental free)

*Providing customized services according to long-term accommodation classification

[Long-term corporate lodging]

· Adjustment of charges according to contract period
· laundry service (wit shirt or suit)
· Breakfast service
· Meeting Room Delivery
· Free provision of rental items (legm sets, desks, etc.)
· Discount charges for conference room use
· Limousine bus ticket offer (deferred)

[Long-term student lodging]

· Hagwon Sanding Service Provision
· operating a reading room
· Printing Service Support
· Free student supplies (desk, LED stand, drying stand, etc.)
· Special Rate Provision fee

[General long-term lodging]

· Adjustment of rates according to the duration of the accommodation contract
· Separate consultation is available for monthly rental contracts
· Operation of option system (cleaning, parking conditions, etc.)

Inquiry  82-2-560-9065 or 82-2-560-9093

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